Photos of Children Born 1868-1880

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Charlotte's Children 

Charlotte Shakespeare, a black woman born Feb. 1840, had seven children by a white Moncure. It was either Robert Briggs Moncure who stayed close to the black Moncure all of his life; or William A. Moncure who was close to the black Moncure children and Charlotte until his death in 1881. Robert died between 1912-1915. Older residents of Hinds County, MS remember the story of the black woman who had children by the white Moncure. People, black or white, did not talk about such unions during those times. Of the seven siblings, only five photos have been located to date. Photos are still needed of Emma Moncure Wolfe b. abt. 1868 - d. abt. 1946, the oldest sibling and Frances Moncure Easley, the youngest, b. 1880 - d. Nov. 29, 1920.

Lee Moncure b. Dec. 1869 - Feb. 8, 1919 was the second oldest of the seven black and white siblings.

Henry Moncure born circa 1872.

Charlotte Moncure Wolfe b. Jan. 1874 - d. About 1954. Charlotte, named after her mother, Charlotte Shakespeare, poses with her grandson, Lewis Rosville Moncure, Jr.. By 1920 Charlotte and her family had moved to St. Louis, MO.

Mason Moncure b. June 10, 1873 - d. Feb. 16, 1946 - Mason in the big hat is seated in the middle of his large family. There is an original photo somewhere of Mason and his family taken in the early1900's. This poor copy came from a video.


Charlotte, sometimes spelled "Scharlote" according to old records, was born approximately 1840 in Mississippi. Her younger brother, Wesley Shakespeare, born circa 1842, was always nearby. Both spent their lives in the Hinds County, MS area.

Records support those ancestral stories of old, stating that Charlotte had thirteen children; seven black and white children labeled mulattoes, fathered by a white Moncure and six all black children fathered by a black man, surname possibly Terry. We know far more about the mulatto children than the all black ones, however, remnants of the all black children do exist in stories recalling names such as of Aunt Rye (Mariah), Aunt Lis (Malissa), Cousin Babe (Laura Whitaker) and surnames such as Whitaker and Liddell. Mariah, Malissa, and Laura were three of Charlotte's all black children.