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     Patricia Moncure Thomas is a passionate educator, historian, writer, and avid amateur genealogist. She is the President of the Black Historical Society of Kitsap County, Inc. and an elementary school principal.

     Ms. Thomas was appointed in 1991 by the Kitsap County Commissioners to the Kitsap County Council for Human Rights, but her involvement with human rights issues date back to the 1950’s when as a child she first felt the pain of prejudice. On a trip with her mother and three sisters, Pat stood in the “Colored Only” area of a train station in Memphis, TN wondering why people were judged by the color of their skin. 

     Over the years, she has participated in civil rights demonstrations, lectured, taught, and written on the issues that divide us. She has conducted numerous community workshops and forums focused on civil rights, developed strategies to improve education and partnerships between schools, parents, businesses, community organizations, faith groups, military, and government.

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